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Nadir Zulqernain – Mentor For Hire

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom. S. T. Coleridge 

Get a mentor – your own knowledgeable, seasoned, creative and reliable problem-solver. 


What is offered?


Nadir Zulqernain, Ph.D. serves his clients in three distinctive spheres. 


Mentor For Hire: Dr. Zee’s mentoring support and performance coaching guide his clients to a path of personal empowerment so that creative and permanent solutions for even the most complex dynamics in any aspect of your life can be quickly discovered and implemented. Dr. Zee is able to peer deeply into the roots of even the most intricate issues. He does not waste time or resources on extraneous matters. You will be able to identify the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ of even the most complex dynamics and then quickly implement creative and permanent solutions. Dr. Zee ensures that the strategies of how to implement the solutions that you select are best suited to your persona. He can show you how to gain access to your inner resource center and become empowered to optimize your personal and business affairs. Engagement is on a project by project basis.


Real Estate Training: Unlike most other sales trainers, Dr. Zee remains personally engaged in direct-to-consumer selling. ‘What’ he teaches is leading edge, current, relevant and as real-life as it gets. ‘How’ he teaches is unique and powerful. This is when you see his mastery of ‘human-information-processing-systems’ displayed. What you learn from it stays with you for decades. To learn ‘when’ he is teaching the next prgram or to learn more about specific programs, visit


Real Estate Brokerage Services: There are significant and quantifiable benefits of having Nadir as your real estate broker. Best tools in the business and solid systems enable him to assist clients to preserve their resources and quickly find what they seek. To learn more about his service for buyers, sellers, real estate investors and in probate real estate, visit


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***Compatibility is essential for optimum results. An initial complimentary consultation for 10 minutes is offered to establish this. You will be informed up front of any compatibility concerns.