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Nadir Zulqernain – Mentor For Hire

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom. S. T. Coleridge 

Get a mentor – your own knowledgeable, seasoned, creative and reliable problem-solver. 


What is offered?


Mentoring Support:

Nadir Zulqernain (Dr. Zee) provides Mentoring Support and performance coaching that will empower you to focus on what is critical to your personal and business life. He shows you how to take a holistic approach to your world. Specific strategies taught by Dr. Zee are best suited to, and are customized for your persona. You gain access to your inner resource center and are empowered to optimize your personal and business affairs. You obtain the results you want. Dr. Zee’s mentoring support produces significant, rapid and long lasting benefits. You will be able to attain the ultimate Life-Work balance and become a better worker, friend, spouse and parent.


Sales Success Strategies:

Dr. Zee’s Sales Training is unique. He transfers his personal combination of demonstrated expertise in inter and intra-personal communication – a key factor at the heart of all sales processes – and his mastery of sales earned through more than 30 years of direct-to-consumer selling experience. This transfer of skills enables you and your team to start selling as if each salesperson had already closed thousands of deals for millions and millions of dollars in a wide range of products and services.

Dr. Zee’s Real Estate Training is designed to empower even the new real estate broker to consistently generate fifteen to twenty transactions each year and consistently earn an above average income. He will also help you establish achievable production goals, based on your needs and show you exactly how to accomplish them, consistently.


Project based mentoring and training is available in the following fields:


An initial complimentary consultation for 20 minutes is offered since we believe that compatibility is essential for optimum results. You will be informed up front of any compatibility concerns.